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And this is what we  finally found.... the house we wanted.....a three bedroom brick low maintenance home, situated on an elevated, flood free, smaller block (540M2).
The house sits on an elevated position overlooking Laidley and the Lockyer Valley, affectionly called the 'Salad Bowl' due to the fertile soil.

The photos below were copied from the original Internet advertisment. These photos will serve as the 'before' photos as we intend to make a number of changes.

And these random photos were taken around the property as work progressed.
This is the 'first impression' view...the first day we saw the house.  April 2019.
And just one of the reasons we immediatly liked the house...the view from the back...across the 'Salad Bowl'. The Lockyer Valley is said to be Australias ninth most fertile valley...perhaps no wonder the Queensland University agriculture campus is located here.
This view is of the left (west) side of the is here where we will have a carport to house both the car and the caravan, tandem style....13.5 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters high.....the fence will be removed and relocated once the carport is completed....probably not until sometime in July...things never move fast out here.  :)
Looking north east from the back yard...a 4 meter x 4 meter covered patio is planned for the back of the house, a garden shed in that far corner.
Little work is required at the front of the home...some minor garden stuff...a birdbath etc.
Inside the house was not so grand...the carpet had had a tough was badly worn in places, the entire house, it was destined to go...but we werent about to replace it with more carpet....
The bathroom was in good condition but major modifications were required....note the high step required to get over the bathtub....the bath would go, a shower cubical installed.
The kitchen was ok....apart from a disgustingly filthy oven,,,a professional cleaner was called in....a couple of extra power points and a shelves too.
Many changes were can follow us here.
When we arrived at Laidley we had next to no furniture, when we packed up Underwood most of our furniture was considered old and no longer wanted, we wern't about to waste money on storage ...we pretty much trashed the lot. This meant a lot of flat packs!
Most of it was easy and straightfoward...but not so the display unit on the came in a number of boxes and a million pieces!.
The view from the back of the house, where we are to have a patio installed, is perfect for Autuum and winter month sunsets.
Work started on the carport for the caravan and Navara.
All our goods and chattels were stored in the garage until most of the work inside the house was completed..a garden shed was to be installed down the back corner too.
This is a 'not to scale' CAD drawing I completed to give viewers an idea of whats to come.