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G'day and welcome to our website...if you were seeking a top class professional website you are in the wrong place.

As we are two retired folk you will probably not see any 'full on' action shots either.
We are 'Grey Nomads', sort of. Now, let me explain to someone reading this outside of Australia or someone who doesn't know what a grey nomad is. A true Grey Nomad is someone who spends their life travelling the roads of Australia for leisure, they usually have no plans, no particular place they want to be, they simply follow the white line or, more likely, the corrugations of the gravel. They might travel in a monster Winnebago, a converted bus, a regular caravan (Travel trailer to you Yanks and Canuks :) a fold up camper or just a tent, it matters not.
We are a little like that, we spend about half of each year travelling with our caravan seen in the photo above.
I guess the main difference between us and true grey nomad is that we also have a 'bricks and mortar' home. And one which we like to get back to following a two or three month trip, funny how you can really miss your favorite arm chair and 55" TV.
We are not new to caravanning, we have actually been doing it for 40 years...well, we started off with a tent, progressed to a fold up camper and finally to a caravan...the one above, our current caravan has all the bells and whistles, it is fully self-contained.

On this website we keep records and photos of all the trips we do, we have a few followers who seem to enjoy seeing the places we visit.
Below I'll pop in a link so you too can visit if you wish.
We would be particularly interested in hearing from you if you a similarly like minded, not just within Australia but anywhere at all...if you would like to ask as about any thing you see here, or if you would like ask about caravanning in Australia or to just say hello we will always endeavor to answer any will find a link to our email address below.

And this is a link to our adventures.

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News Flash----------Our first trip for 2024 is coming....
its a long time since we visited Elliot Heads in Queensland, middle of April, right after school holidays,